Cocacolla to be closed for one letter

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Activity suspension is a blog born in 2010 that focuses on art, design, advertising, lifestyle and trends of
internet, dedicated to lovers of contemporary art in all its forms.

Our blog in these two years has been so successful that it became a point of reference for design and
street art.
Thanks to the constant daily effort and dedication of our team, Cocacolla entered the
italian charts of the industry, touching 1.5 MILLION unique visitors in the first year of life.
We count more than 7000 likers on Facebook and over 1000 followers on Twitter. Our articles have
been read in 202 countries around the world.
CocaColla has become so famous that even The Coca-Cola Company noticed us and a couple of
weeks ago we received from their legal department two letters of formal warning asking us to
withdraw the registration of brand CocaColla, give up the domain name “”, and
close our related social profiles.
Penalty citation for trial.
The reason is the following: <<...that the registration and use by its domain name
determines a serious risk of confusion for consumers who may be led to believe that the sign and
COCACOLLA domain name are intended to distinguish goods / services delivered,
organized or sponsored by our customers or that the use of the sign COCACOLLA it’s part and has
been authorized by our client on the basis of agreements or other contractual links or corporate,
which is not true. The use of the sign COCACOLLA and the domain name is also
counterfeit of the famous brands made by Coca-Cola, our client>>.
In short, they ask us to close, sell the domain and to suspend the practice of registration of the mark.
And this in only 15 days.
The idea of calling the blog with the name “CocaColla” came from one of our earliest brainstorming;
we thought to put together the glue, the basic fundamental artistic pratice and street-art, with
Coca-Cola, a symbol of pop culture, of industrialization and advertising.
For us, this name was everything we wanted to communicate: all our passions, all the topics that
would soon become the subjects of our daily work of research and content production. A name easy
to remember which hit off the world's most popular soft drink.
We imagined that sooner or later something would happen, so as soon as we received the letters, we
contacted a legal specialist in intellectual property. As he analyzed the case he convinced us that it
was better to quit everything because a lawsuit would be bloodshed, especially for our wallets.
Activity suspension
Ours is indeed a publishing project, and we could never afford a legal battle against a multinational
company like that.
Now for certain, we must inform you that on 5 March 2012 we will close and all
social profiles related to it.
Needless to say, with bitterness, daughter of another situation in which David and Goliath inevitably
With this release we wanted you to know what’s happened and tell you that we are already working
on a new identity.
To avoid losing what’s made in these two years with CocaColla we ask you to support us by being the
first news on your blogs, your pages on your channel and on Twitter using the hashtag
#supportcocacolla. You can subscribe our newsletter to be updated on future developments remain
on our blog.
On this story we'll be grateful.

The Ex Drink Team

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